Get candidate screening answers for a candidate's job

Returns candidate screening question answers for a candidate's job. Returns an empty array when there is no screening answers for given candidate's job.

UUID in question category indicates custom question. Other value indicates predefined library question.

In order to create human readable format of answers please use label properties. Ignore labels for answers with single field.
Based on labels from included example you can get following text:

Do you have a current driver's license?
 - No

Free text question
 - Long text answer for free text questions

Checkbox question
 - Confirmed

Legacy acknowledgment question - replaced by checkbox
 - Confirmed

Gender, Race and Ethnicity [(definitions)](
 - Gender: Male
 - Race/Ethnicity: Prefer not to answer

Currency question
 - 1234

Multiple choice dropdown
 - third value, second value, first value

 - Language: English
 - Proficiency level: Advanced
 - Language: Spanish
 - Proficiency level: Beginner
 - Language: French
 - Proficiency level: Intermediate

What are your preferred work shifts?
 - Day: Weekdays
 - From: 08:00 AM
 - To: 04:00 PM
 - Day: Weekdays
 - From: 10:00 AM
 - To: 02:00 PM

Your Name
 - John
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