Update posting information

This endpoint allows updating a single job posting status and URL during a job posting lifecycle.
You must pass authentication token through X-SmartToken HTTP header.

Complete list of body parameters below:

Status - This is the posting status on your job board. It should be updated with one of the following values:
  • Active - set this status just after you successfully publish a job to your job board; please provide a direct URL to the published job in your job board using LiveUrl so that we can surface it to SmartRecruiters users
  • UnderPosting - set this status once you begin the process of posting a job in your job board if your board does not support immediate posting. When posting is complete, update the status to Active
  • Inactive - set this status once the job is no longer published to your job board
  • Error - set this status when an error prevents the job from being published to your job board; please provide error details using the Comment field
LiveUrl - This is direct URL to the job you have published in your job board; will be surfaced to SmartRecruiters users
Comment - This is field in which you pass error details when one occurs while publishing a job; error details will be available to our Support Team

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