Activating webhook subscriptions

Before we can deliver any webhook notifications, we need to ensure that your server is prepared to accept these notifications. Use the following endpoint to activate each new subscription:

PUT /subscriptions/{id}/activation

SmartRecruiters will make a POST request containing a header named “X-Hook-Secret” and unique value to the callback URL you defined when creating the subscription. Please remember that according to RFC2616 HTTP header names are case-insensitive.

Within 20 seconds, we expect your server to respond with an HTTP 200 response containing the “X-Hook-Secret” header and the same value. You will then receive a 204 response from us that signals the subscription was successfully activated.

As soon as you have activated your subscription, we will start delivering notifications based on those event triggers. You will receive all notifications for events you subscribe to and will have to determine which you would like to act on.