Assessment API (2021)


The Marketplace assessment endpoints were developed 7 years ago with the Marketplace business model which no longer meets the needs of our customers and business in today’s time. The new set of assessment endpoints provides higher flexibility and the capability to provide a better experience for our customers and partners.

Please note that the Assessment API (2021) is not the same as the Marketplace assessment API. If you are looking to upgrade your assessment integration, you will need to build a separate integration with the Assessment API (2021)

Getting Started

This guide intends to provide a quick start and step-by-step instructions for you to integrate the assessment services you provide to your customers into the SmartRecruiters platform.

Apart from this guide, a member of our Partner Success Team will also help and assist you and your team along the integration. Therefore it is important for you to initiate the partner onboarding process first before you begin the integration with SmartRecruiters so that you receive the proper assistance of a Partner Success Consultant.

Reach out to our Partner Success team to find out more about the onboarding process.

In the SmartRecruiters Assessment Partner integration, not only will your service call SmartRecruiters endpoints, SmartRecruiters also makes calls to endpoints that are defined by your service. We expect the following endpoints from you:

  • /integration endpoint: Calls will be made to this endpoint to pass your service the customer level credential from the SmartRecruiters side
  • /packages endpoint: Calls will be made to this endpoint to retrieve a list of assessment packages
  • /packages/orders endpoint: Calls will be made to this endpoint to place an assessment order onto your service based on the packages your service provided on the /packages endpoint

While on SmartRecruiter's end, below are the endpoints your service will leverage in the Assessment Partner integration: