Reporting API


The following documentation refers to Reporting API v201804.


The Reporting API is meant to replace the existing Analytics API. The Analytics API is deprecated starting Apr. 26, 2018. This means no further development will be made on the Analytics API. Customers who use the Analytics API should aim to switch over to using the Reporting API as soon as possible.


Reporting API is a collection of endpoints that opens API access to custom reports created in Report Builder. Customers can extract report files data in CSV (comma-separated values) format from this API This also means that all data fields available in Report Builder are retrievable through the Reporting API.

The API exposes the following endpoints:

  1. Metadata endpoints: allows to query for report details to find the right report to access
  2. Data generation endpoint: allows to generate a new report file containing the most recent data
  3. Data transfer endpoints: allows to download reports file data for a specific report