Job Board API


Customers can purchase job posting services from job board partners through the SmartRecruiters Marketplace. The Job Board API allows job board partners to retrieve all the job posting details needed to complete the delivery of these job posting services purchased by customers.

Every time a customer buys a posting in SmartRecruiters for your job board, a new posting record, or publication record, appears in the GET /publications API endpoint for you to process. The GET /offers API endpoint provides the details of the offer for a specified posting.

The API will also allow you to update posting details to reflect its real status and posted job URL.

Authentication method: Partner API Key

REST Endpoints

Assessment API and the functionalities can be managed using the REST endpoints. You can find detailed descriptions of available methods, request parameters, and response structures in the Job Board API Live Docs for publications and the Assessment API Live Docs for offers.


Tutorials in this section cover how to retrieve and update publications and how to retrieve offer details.