The SmartRecruiters API Platform

Build With SmartRecruiters

At SmartRecruiters, our mission is to connect people to jobs at scale. We want to help companies to achieve Hiring Success by providing the ability for them to hire top talents on demand and on budget.

Based on this belief, the SmartRecruiters API Platform aims to help companies, both customers and partners, to build custom hiring solutions that can grow and scale within their own industries, existing workflow, and processes.

Why should you use SmartRecruiters API?

While the SmartRecruiters system is versatile and efficient with its built-in features and functions, you may sometimes want to create custom workflows or build integrations that help automate steps in your hiring process. You want to use SmartRecruiters API if you are:

  1. Building a customized hiring solution: SmartRecruiters API includes various resources such as Jobs, candidates, job postings, reviews, assessments, interviews, users, reports, and more. Our platform has been used by many of our beloved customers to build customized hiring solutions that work well with their existing systems on their desired workflow.
  2. Automation and increase efficiency: SmartRecruiters API also enables you to design a custom application that automated processes that are not available via standard configuration within SmartRecruiters. Visit our Use Case & Guides to see some examples.
  3. Distributing your solution: If you are a partner, SmartRecruiters Marketplace offers a unique opportunity to showcase and present your solution to SmartRecruiters customers.

What’s Next

If you are interested in building with SmartRecruiters API, your next step is to obtain a credential and test out the API. Read on and find out how in just 3-steps