Assessment API Sunset

This API has been deprecated since September 4, 2023. The sunset date is May 10, 2024. If you are an assessment provider or looking to build an assessment integration with SmartRecruiters, please consider using the new Assessment API (2021).


    "id": "511a3942300469a9c33819d1",
    "status": "NEW",
    "createDate": "2013-03-07T13:34:40.137+0000",
    "lastUpdateDate": "2013-03-07T13:34:40.137+0000",
    "requestor": {
        "firstName": "Rob",
        "lastName": "Kaman",
        "email": "[email protected]",
        "phone": "(415) 111-2222"
    "candidate": {
        "id": "e63dfcab355260b259ab585126ede56627db4ef8",
        "uuid": "44a63681-e70a-49d7-b4c5-90aff5f70eac",
        "firstName": "Mark",
        "lastName": "Hunt",
        "email": "[email protected]",
        "phone": "(415) 111-2222",
        "addressLine": "409 North Magnolia Avenue, Orlando, FL 32801, United States"
    "job": {
        "id": "e63dfcab300260b4681f585126ede56627db4ef8",
        "name": "Senior Ruby Developer",
        "industry": {
            "id": "computer_software",
            "label": "Computer Software"
        "function": {
            "id": "engineering",
            "label": "Engineering"
        "experienceLevel": {
            "id": "mid_senior_level",
            "label": "senior"
        "location": {
            "country": "US",
            "region": "FL",
            "city": "Orlando"
    "company": {
        "id": "e63dfcab345260b2591f585126ede56627db4ef2",
        "name": "Orlando Magic Inc."
    "offer": {
        "catalogId": "bbb-444-111",
        "name": "Senior Ruby Developer Skill Test"

Fields description

idstringunique id of the assessment request
statusstringassessment request status. Legal values are:
createDatedateassessment request create date
lastUpdateDatedatedate of last update made to assessment request
requestorobjectemployee of customer company that makes an order. Please check ContactPerson object
candidateobjectcandidate being assessed. Please check Candidate object
jobobjectjob for which a candidate applied. Please check Job object
companyobjectcompany requesting an assessment. Please check Company object
offerobjectoffer describing purchased test. Only catalogId and name from Offer object