Get Candidate Application Status

Endpoint 3 – Get a Candidate Application Status

GET /postings/:uuid/candidates/:candidateId/status

Use this endpoint to get the application status of a specific candidate against a specific job and expose it in your interface, so the candidate can see what status they are in for the job.

  • X-SmartToken HTTP header must be present in each request (Authentication).
  • The endpoint requires the Posting UUID as a path parameter. It is obtained from Posting API.
  • The endpoint requires the Candidate UUID as a path parameter. It is obtained after Post an Application.

Example response

    "status": "IN-REVIEW",
NEWCandidate Applied
IN-REVIEWCandidate is being reviewed by the hiring team
INTERVIEWCandidate is being interviewed by the hiring team
OFFERCandidate received an offer
HIRECandidate is hired
REJECTEDCandidate is rejected
WITHDRAWNCandidate has withdrawn interest
LEADCandidate is considered for the job but has not applied
TRANSFERREDCandidate is transferred away from the job to another