Deprecation and Sunset Policies

Backward compatibility and sunset of old API endpoints

We make all efforts to never break the schema of existing, publicly available API endpoints. Any changes we’re introduce does not break the schema. If there are such changes, we will introduce a new version of an endpoint. Both versions are maintained and available to developers.

Deprecating Endpoints

When an endpoint is marked as deprecated this means SmartRecruiters will stop enhancing or adding new functionality to the deprecated endpoint. We will almost always provide a substitute endpoint or introduce a new endpoint that replaces the functionality of the deprecated endpoint. We will provide at least 10 months of lead time after an endpoint is deprecated to help customers transition to a different endpoint.

Sunsetting Endpoint

When an endpoint is sunset, it is no longer publicly available. Customers using this endpoint will no have access to the functionality.

Again, if we ever change plan to sunset any Public API endpoints, this will be announced to all impacted parties 10 months before the change is made with an appropriate steps to transition.