Posting API


SmartRecruiters Posting API allows our customers to build fully customizable career sites. It opens a new, endless variety of possibilities to create incredible User Experience, fully aligned with your branding. With this product, your imagination is the only limit!

Consider below ideas as a starting point for a brainstorm on your new candidate experience:

  • Mark your jobs on an interactive map using our Posting API location information.
  • Build your own “Search for jobs” with our query feature that allows you to search through all your postings
  • Implement your own filters for jobs with the Posting API built-in filtering options
  • Include job information in multiple areas of your career site, displaying different information in each section, e.g. “hot jobs” list, per department or location lists etc.
  • Keep using your favorite CMS system and analytic tools as now, you host the career site and only consume jobs data from SmartRecruiters

Posting API allows for access to a job posting that was previously made public using SmartRecruiters application. Whenever a user posts a job, a posting would become accessible via the Posting API.

Note: The Posting API supports only API Key authentication method. OAuth is not supported.

For details please refer to:

Endpoints – lists available methods
Objects – lists data types