Partner API Key

Making API requests as a partner

Some APIs in SmartRecruiters require you to provide a token specific to partners only. This token is a 64-characters string that is auto-generated after you finish the partner setup process. Please refer to the individual API documentation to understand what authentication method is required.

Obtaining an API Key

You can obtain the Partner API Token by signing up in the Partner Portal. You can find detailed instructions in the Creating an account on Partner Portal article. After successful registration, the API token can be found in the account information.

Making an API request

If the apiKey URL parameter is not present, the authentication mechanism will check request headers. The API token can be passed using X-SmartToken header.


curl -i -H "X-SmartToken:pp-b880fg361c851c0773b422eb3b96cc947934e44303b6fe12e44ac736a9dedb0z" -X GET


Difference between Partner API Key and API Key

The other API Key authentication method also uses X-SmartToken header to pass the authentication. Please don't be confused, these are not the same tokens and cannot be used interchangeably. The Partner API Key is intended to be used by partners only, while API Key can be used by customers as well.

Revoking access

There's no exact process for revoking access. Instead, you can re-generate your Partner API key, this will make the previous key invalid.