Offer API


Assessment API Sunset

This API has been deprecated since September 4, 2023. The sunset date is June 10, 2024. If you are an assessment provider or looking to build an assessment integration with SmartRecruiters, please consider using the new Assessment API (2021).


Offer API allows marketplace partners to create and manage offers. Offer API provides functionalities similar to those you can find on the Offer Management UI on the SmartRecruiters marketplace website. As partners, you will be able to create, update, activate, and list offers.

Authentication method: Partner API Key

REST endpoint

All the offer management functionalities can be managed using the /offers endpoint. You can find a detailed description of available methods, request parameters, and response structures in the API Reference pages: /offers


The sub-sections below describe the most common use cases of Offer API. They include examples to create a new offer, limit the offer availability and position the offer in the marketplace.