The Message objects capture conversations between users on candidates' applications inn SmartRecruiters. You can use the Messages API to create, retrieve and delete messages sent between users.

    "content": "string",
    "createdOn": "2021-07-27T03:13:07.309Z",
    "visibility": "PRIVATE",
    "authorId": "string",
    "context": {
      "applications": [
          "candidateId": "string",
          "jobId": "string"

The message object

content string
The content of the message

createdOn date-time
The time that the message object was created. The value should be ISO8601-formatted date with the following format: yyyy-MM-ddTHH:mm:ss.SSSZZ.

visibility string
The visibility of the message. Possible values: PRIVATE, DIRECT, OPEN, EVERYONE. If visibility=PRIVATE, the message is only visible to the author of the message. If visibility=DIRECT, the message is only visible to a specific user or hiring team. If visibility=OPEN, the message can be seen by any users who have access to the job and the candidate. Set visibility=EVERYONE if the message should be displayed to all users.

context object
An object that contain all applications that relates to the message

  • context.applications array of objects
    A list of applications
    • context.applications.candidateId string
      Unique candidate identifier
    • context.applications.jobId string
      Unique job identifier