You can configure webhook endpoints via the Subscriptions API to be notified about events that happened in the SmartRecruiters account.

The webhook subscription object

  "callbackUrl": "",
  "events": [
  "alertingEmailAddress": "[email protected]",
  "callbackAuthentication": {
    "type": "header",
    "headerName": "X-TOKEN",
    "headerValue": "J?7HSgUKm7!MPm+EKm^P4BwW4ywRRRVu"

callbackUrl string
The URL of the webhook endpoint that event triggered callback notifications will be sent to.

events array containing strings
The list of events to enable for this subscription. You may subscribe to more than one events in a single subscription.

alertingEmailAddress string
An optional email address to receive email notifications for failed webhook delivery and webhook subscription activation and deactivation.

callbackAuthentication object
An optional object that allows your service to define custom authentication header that SmartRecruiters will pass onto every callback notifications.

  • type enum
    The type of custom authentication header to be included in the header. Set type=basic to use basic authentication with username and password. Or set type=header to self defined custom authentication header with headerName and headerValue.
  • username string
    The username of the basic authentication. Only to be used with type=basic
  • password string
    The password of the basic authentication. Only to be used with type=basic
  • headerName string
    The custom authentication header. The self-defined header name should start with "x-". Only to be used with type=header.
  • headerValue string
    The value of the custom authentication header. Only to be used with type=header